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Hawaiian Herbal Roots


Aloha!  Welcome to our place to share Hawaiian herbal roots and wellness with you.  Please explore, share and be a part of our heritage and knowledge of plants that we have to offer.  


All of Botanica Skincare products and services are holistic and nature-based.  We are inspired by our Hawaiian roots and strive to use at least one native Hawaiian herb in all of our products.  We work hard to create products that harness natures nurturing powders.  We also deeply care about the ʻāina (land) that we live off of by making our products responsibly.  We source local, fair-trade, organic and wild harvested ingredients.  We support other local businesses first, as much as possible.  We try our hardest to mālama our ʻāina (land), nature and you.


Meet the Founder - Moani

Aia wau mai ka mokupuni ʻo Oʻahu, ka moku ʻo Koʻolaupoko, ka ahupuaʻa ʻo Kāneʻohe, ka ʻili ʻo Keana.


My journey began at ke kula kaiapuni 'o Pū'ōhala (the Hawaiian immersion school of Pū'ōhala) which gave roots to my Hawaiian heritage. I fell in love with the nuturing properties of plants and was able to expand my knowledge and experience while working at a native Hawaiian plant nursery.  Learning how organic plants have the power to benefit our skin and overall health lead me to holistic aesthetics and inspired me to develop Hawaiian nature-based skin and body care products.  I  am a licensed esthetician, mom and believer in the power of plants; I am proud to share my products and services with you. 


What makes Botanica Skincare unique is that our products are plant-derived and made with native Hawaiian herbs and ALOHA.  I feel it’s important to revive the use of Hawaiian herbs in every day life, which is why our products contain at least one or more native Hawaiian herb(s).  My belief that nature-based products optimize your body, mind and soul is why I choose to use wild-harvested ingredients, when possible, due to the mana (energy) that they possess and transfer over.  As our kupuna (ancestors) and I believe, the mana (energy) that you put in, is reflected in the out come.  I look forward to supporting your wellness and continuing my journey with you.  Mahalo.

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